As a PropTech based in Berlin, we like to get involved in regional business initiatives and also industry/topic-specific networks. We value the open exchange with colleagues and experts to develop new approaches and solutions.

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"Through the cooperation with FP NeoMonitor GmbH, we have now created better conditions for effective technical asset management. With real-time information from the properties covered, the administrative workload, including the costs incurred, can be noticeably optimised."
René Wild, Team Leader Technical Asset Management
ADLER Energie Service GmbH, A Member of the Adler Group

Subsidiary of the FP Group

NeoMonitor is part of a strong and experienced group of companies, characterized by long-term and personal relationships and the highest safety standards.

NeoMonitor ist eine Tochter der FP-Gruppe

Francotyp-Postalia Holding AG

The internationally operating, and stock exchange listed FP Group, headquartered in Berlin, is an expert in solutions that make office and working life easier and more efficient.
The company has four business segments: Mailing, Shipping & Office Solutions, Digital Business Solutions and IoT, and Mail Services.

With 10 subsidiaries in Germany, the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, France, Belgium, Italy, Austria and Sweden, the company is represented in all major global markets.In addition, the FP Group is active worldwide through more than 40 dealers.

You can find out more about Francotyp-Postalia Holding AG at
NeoMonitor ist eine Tochter der FP-Gruppe

FP Digital Business Solutions

The solutions and know-how of FP Digital Business Solutions GmbH range from hybrid mail communication to electronic signatures and solutions for electronic legal transactions, to outsourcing its entire input and output management for physical and digital documents.

In addition, the company offers customized machine learning-supported automation solutions for complex communication and workflow processes.

Further information about FP Digital Business Solutions GmbH is available at
NeoMonitor ist eine Tochter der FP-Gruppe

FP Inovolabs

The experts for product development. FP InovoLabs GmbH, based in Berlin, specializes in innovative product developments, for example in the fields of security technology, scale and measurement technology.

They create electronic and mechatronic devices or individual OEM components, covering all services from hardware to software from a single source.

Further information at
NeoMonitor ist eine Tochter der FP-Gruppe

Francotyp-Postalia Vertrieb und Service GmbH

Founded in 1999, the German FP sales subsidiary serves many business customers of all sizes in the important German domestic market.

FP VSG's core business areas are innovative franking and inserting machines. FP VSG has its headquarters in Berlin.

In addition to the high quality of its products, Francotyp-Postalia is distinguished by its excellent service network - the most extensive in the entire industry in Germany. After all, the customer-friendly consulting and service concept is one of the company's core values.

Further information about FP NeoMonitor GmbH is available at
NeoMonitor ist eine Tochter der FP-Gruppe

FP NeoMonitor

FP NeoMonitor GmbH is an IoT solution provider. The sustainable solutions (hardware and software side) are applicable in any kind of real estate, utilities and contracting as a data hub.

NeoMonitor can be used to optimize plant efficiency, reduce costs and consequently reduce CO2 emissions. This provides a solid foundation for achieving corporate climate and ESG goals.

NeoMonitor's products and services always provide transparency as well as high data security. In addition, distressed real estate, building services equipment and boiler rooms are made fit for the future again by means of digitalization.
NeoMonitor ist eine Tochter der FP-Gruppe

Hefter Systemform

HEFTER Systemform, based in Prien am Chiemsee in Upper Bavaria, has been a specialist in optimizing mail, mailing and print finishing for over 50 years.

The product range includes inserting machines and systems, folding machines, automatic letter openers, letter closing machines, brochure production, creasing and perforating machines, numbering machines, business card and digital print cutters, and document shredders.

For more information, visit
NeoMonitor ist eine Tochter der FP-Gruppe

FP Freesort

Founded in 2005, FP freesort, headquartered in Langenfeld, Germany, is a specialist in mail consolidation.

The company collects business mail and pre-sorts it at one of eight central FP sorting centers. It then hands over a consolidated mail package to Deutsche Post AG or an Alternative Delivery Service (AZD) - and in return receives partial service discounts from Deutsche Post AG.

A large part of these discounts flows back to freesort's customers - in the form of a monthly credit note! In this way, you as a customer benefit from attractive postage discounts.

For more information about FP freesort, please visit


"Durch die Zusammenarbeit mit der FP NeoMonitor GmbH haben wir nun bessere Voraussetzungen für ein effektives technisches Asset Management geschaffen. Mit Echtzeitinformationen aus den betreffenden Liegenschaften lässt sich der Verwaltungsaufwand samt entstehender Kosten erkennbar optimieren.“
René Wild, Teamleitung Technisches Asset ManagementADLER Energie Service GmbH, Ein Unternehmen der Adler Group