Fields of application

NeoMonitor enables the central management and optimised control of building technology with IoT technology and software solutions, so that operating costs can be reduced and management processes streamlined.

Property managers and energy service companies receive real-time monitoring of meter values and the visualisation of efficiency levels as well as the possibility to actively control technical building equipment with NeoMonitor.

Public utilities

Public utilities
Energy service provider
Contracting company
District heating provider
Meter management
Metering station operator/ monitoring
Local heating supplier

Real estate companies

Technical Property Management
Facility Management
Sustainability management
Energy management

Our modular service model

Through the coordinated use of sensor technology, IoT gateway, connectivity as well as scalable and modularly expandable cloud application, you increase the transparency of your facilities, can operate them more efficiently in the future and systematically achieve sustainability goals.

Building Sensors

Sensors & meters collect data
Gateways send data to the cloud
Maximum security ensured

Cloud Data

Data collection in the cloud
Receives data via LAN or mobile network
Server in Europe

Web Portal

Overview of all facilities and plants
Alarming & workflows with service providers
Real-time data and analysis tool

The NeoMonitor Web Portal

Efficient facility monitioring and service management

Everything in sight

  • Dashboard with asset and detail view on all sensors, critical assets, anomalies and pending alarms
  • Customized and audit-proof workflow management
  • Access to trend analysis & statistics, exports and the integrated technical system plan
Efficient facility monitioring and service management with Neomonitor

All facilities at a glance

  • All properties in one central overview
  • Various sorting and filtering options, e.g. by alarms, postcodes or energy sources
  • All-important plant details including real-time data (produced heat, utilisation rate, temperatures), alarms and diagrams
Efficient facility monitioring and service management - Neomonitor

Fast, intuitive and secure processes for an efficient service

  • The unified data basis in the cloud simplifies the organization of your service providers and contracts
  • Easy order management ensures consistent and standardized processes from order to invoice  
  • Communicate transparently and comprehensively via a central information channel - for digital collaboration without interruptions
Fast, intuitive and secure processes for an efficient service with Neomonitor

Alarming and intelligent interference suppression

  • Fully automated real-time alerting via email or SMS for faster fault clearance and maintenance
  • With the heat map dashboard, faults can be quickly localized and checked
  • Automatic generation of fault clearance orders to your service providers as well as the connection of signature solutions via Rest-API interfaces
Alarming and intelligent interference suppression with Neomonitor

Learning to understand the operation with the data history

  • Long-term operation evaluation of the system by monitoring the temperature curve over specific time periods
  • Central display of the spread
  • Energy diagram to determine the degree of usage
  • Optional CSV export
Learning to understand the operation with the data history with Neomonitor
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The digital building in 4 steps

In these consultations we will get to know each other and design an individual solution for your facilities.


Consultation & Demo

Free of charge
We discuss your current challenges and requirements  and give you an introduction to our product.


Free of charge
During the workshop we develop a deeper, mutual understanding of your needs. We clarify which (monetary) added values can be created and how to NeoMonitor fits withing your existing IT landscape.

Proof of Concept

Making the value proposition accessible
We will inspect your facilities and install our hardware in a pilot project. This way you can test our system and we can make the necessary individual adjustments.


Flexible contractual arrangements according to your requirements
Together with our partners, we take care of the installation and implementation in the selected buildings. A contact person is available to you at any time.

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